Where did ‘negativity’ and ‘positivity’ come from?

The two words came from the electrical charge: positive charge and negative charge. The terminology of positive and negative came from the opposite poles. Plus was positive because plus is always considered to be a good sign. So automatically, minus became negative or a bad sign. Initially, there was no concept of ‘positivity’ or ‘negativity’. It was either good energy or bad; a good feeling or bad. For example, feeling guilty gives one a bad feeling. With time, people began to link it with the electrical charges, and that is how the words positivity and negativity came about.

However, let’s not mistake good and bad vibes as negative and positive. Vibes are simply the compatibility quotient of one person’s with another. Both may be great people, yet their respective auras could be incompatible. One can’t find a fault with either person. It’s simply a matter of different frequencies.

Vibrations, frequencies, auras… they are present all the time. One person’s vibration or frequency or aura may or may not resonate with another person’s. The ones whose frequency matches find comfort with each other and the ones whose don’t match feel uncomfortable in each other’s presence. Let’s recognise this simply as a matter of incompatibility; it does not mean that the person is ‘bad’. Let’s not judge them and shun them.

The answer to matters of negativity and positivity, good vibes and bad, compatible and incompatible auras is simply this: if we resonate with the universal frequency, then we will not find anything incompatible or negative. Because our aura will overwhelm every other aura. It is like I am trying to whisper and there is loud music playing; no one will hear my whispering. The loud music is actually the resonation of the Universe, so it overwhelms my whisper. But if you are whispering in German and I am whispering in English, it will clash because it is two different languages and frequencies. And then if someone else walks into the room and puts on loud music, then I can’t hear your whisper and you can’t hear mine because the music overwhelms everything else.

So let’s resonate with the universal frequency, and then nothing will be incompatible.