Why don’t we appreciate the most beautiful things in life!

 It’s such a beautiful world! Instead of appreciating what we have, we prefer to complain about what we supposedly don’t. For example, we draw breath and we are not even conscious of it; yet we crib and grumble that every breath is so precious that we can’t live without it. We get it for free, yet we complain. If the Universe charged us for every breath we took, perhaps only then will we learn to appreciate it.

Similarly, love, kindness, happiness… they are all for free. But we don’t want that kind of beauty in life. We want the kind we have to pay for.
For example, look at the sky during sunrise and sunset. Every day is a different panorama of colors in the sky. Can there be a better picture to look at? There is so much beauty around us and yet we are blind to it. We would rather pay a fortune to be able to put up a picture on the wall that doesn’t change.

It is so reflective to watch the flames of a fire, or the waves of the ocean. It is so entrancing that one could lose oneself in it. But we prefer to lose ourselves in a little box call television.

Take the phones we have today, for example. They have so many apps; how many of those do we really need? Did we not survive without them all this while? And quite happily at that! We go on becoming dependent on everything around us and then we call it progress! Earlier we could remember hundreds of telephone numbers by heart; today we can barely remember our own number. We are so dependent on the GPS, we can’t remember the way to anywhere. We can set reminders for birthdays so we don’t have to remember dates anymore. We have so many video games to amuse ourselves with… Yet, we lack solace and meaning in our lives.

Simplicity is the key to it. And the way to simplicity is through nature: nothing complicated about that. Wake up with the sunrise, and finish the day when the sun sets… And just be!