Why do we always need to compete?

A game loses its sense of fun when anyone of its players wishes to win or to best the other person. Not just a sense of fun, but a sense of love. Because if there is love, you wouldn’t want to beat anyone. You wouldn’t want them to lose. You would want them to be equal to you. Because in their winning, you win. Because both win. Which brings us to the concept of UBUNTU- “I am because you are.”

If I win, I receive a prize. The prize reminds me that I have bested you. I may then share my prize with you which all who witness may consider it to be generous of me. I’ve shared my prize but not my victory. My victory is mine alone. That is NOT Ubuntu. Ubuntu is when we ALL win. And we can all win if nobody loses. Why do we squander so much of our energy, time, happiness in the need to win? The need to measure ourselves against others and come out on top? Why do “we need” to win? We are in fact displaying our insecurity. We are just demonstrating that we do not know who we are in relation to the Universe. So the “winner” is in reality, the loser.