What is Nature?

The trees, the birds, the rocks, the plants, the chairs, the tables, we, how we behave, how we act and react, how do and don’t do things… everything is nature. It is not about defining what is nature; rather, it is about defining how do we perceive nature. 

Nature is how the Universe is projected to us. The things we see physically, the things we touch and experience, is actually a projection of the Universe which is what we call nature. For example, when we see a human being, we don’t see the energy of the human being; we see the person. The projection of the spirit is the body. In other words, what we see is the physical body which is a projection of the energy. So, it is like the physical body is nature and the spirit is the Universe. What we experience and see and hear and talk to is nature, and the energy behind it is the Universe. They are one and the same. One is just a projection of what we experience, which we call nature.

In the same tone, the projection of a person’s character to us is what we call their nature. It is not their real character. In this case, it is what the person wants to project to the world or to society. For example, I want everyone in society to think that I am a nice, good, kind, loving, generous person, though I am not.

Who is the true us? Do we say what we truly feel? And do we mean what we truly say? And do our actions reflect what we truly think? To find out our true nature is to go back to the motivation behind every word, every thought, and every action. If we find the true motivation, we’ve found true nature.