Why do we ‘Project’ ourselves?

When we are in pain and we hide it, what is our motive behind it? It could be that we don’t want to burden others with our pain; perhaps we don’t want to show that we are weak; maybe we feel that others don’t care anyway so what is the point in sharing with them… So we are ‘project’ an image of ourselves which is not true. Very often, people know that what we are projecting is not how we are actually feeling.

If I have had a nasty fall, somebody asks me if I’m okay; I say I am fine but they can see me limping yet they will not come forward because they will have to offer support and it could be inconvenient. So they simply say I am okay and walk away. People begin to accept my projection because it is convenient. However, I may begin to resent that even though people can see that I am limping, nobody cares!

I find myself trapped in my own projection of being ‘okay’ when I am really not. The resentment that comes along with it makes me feel frustrated because now I can’t turn around and say that I am hurting. And the resentment is more about my own stupidity for having projected the wrong image. Because I made light of it, everyone else makes light of it and when the pain gets worse, I feel terrible.

So this is the complex twist and turn or the catch 22 of our own nature and what we project to the world. Why can’t we be forthright and say that I am feeling bad when I actually am or I am feeling good when I actually am.

We are so used to projecting an image that we ourselves have forgotten who we truly are!