Who is ‘I’ and who is ‘Me’?

Let’s first recognize that there is the projected self and the real self—what we call the ‘I’ and the ‘me’. Let’s become aware that there is a difference between the two, and then work on merging them.

The distinction between the two is the same as the physical, mental and emotional selves on the one hand, and the spiritual self on the other. The spirit self resonates in absolute harmony with the Universe and the other selves don’t.

While we put in an effort to look after our hair and skin and our physical bodies, let’s not allow ourselves to believe that that is who we really are. Because that’s only an image we are projecting to the world. Know that there is a real self beneath that image, and acknowledge that self. For example, by injecting Botox, we may be able to look younger, but the rest of our body is not going to keep up with that image. It is make-believe happiness, and eventually it is going to catch up with us.

If we are truly happy, then how we appear doesn’t matter. Because happiness is a state of being, and when there is true happiness, the beauty shines through. We don’t need made-up beauty. The facial beauty might be pretty to look at, but the inner beauty that comes from a state of happiness is everlasting. That is why when we are sad or angry or sulking, we appear ugly, and when we are happy, we look lovely!

It is actually a matter of perception. When we develop those fine wrinkles, it is up to us whether we call them crows’ feet or laughter lines. It is a matter of what we prefer. Do we prefer a face that is blank, taut and wrinkle-free or a face that has character… the one that tells the stories of its life.

True beauty shines through… it cannot be hidden. And it is not seen; rather, it is felt. And that is the difference between the ‘I’ and ‘me’.