What you see is what you get!  

This simply means: no pretense!

Our nature should be such—positive, happy, pleasing, loving and kind—so that we don’t have to project an image. Let our nature actually be what we are projecting, because then we don’t have to project something which we are not.

There is a snake called the sidewinder. On the tip of its tail, it has something that looks like a leaf. As a survival instinct, it goes into the sand and projects only the ‘leaf’ out. So when a frog comes to eat the leaf, the snake grabs the frog. The sidewinder is deceiving: it shows its nature to be something while in reality it is something else!

Similarly, a tiger hides in long grass in a way that its stripes blend with the grass. And when an unsuspecting animal is close by, it attacks. Animals display such behaviour as a survival instinct. They do it for food, not for fun.

But when it comes to human beings, we portray ourselves to be someone we really are not. For example, if you want to go for a job interview, you comb your hair, shave well, put on your tie, and look neat and tidy. You are trying to impress the boss by projecting a certain image of you. But are you like that in everyday life? Why is it so important to project an image? Is it a survival instinct?

If we say that the Universe is our guiding force, and we are taken care of, then where is the need for a survival instinct. Just Be!