How is venting different from sharing in confidence?  

Venting and sharing to lighten the burden are often confused as the same thing. In reality, they are very different. To vent a feeling is to yell and scream and shout. It is called blowing off steam, which creates problems for the people around. Consciously or unconsciously, it is aimed at people who have nothing to do with it. For example, if you have had a bad day at office, you come home and vent it out on your family. That is called giving garbage. Instead of talking to a colleague and figuring out how to get around the situation, you burden someone who is completely unrelated to it.

 On the other hand, bringing someone into your confidence and telling them what your problem is, is therapeutic. That person is called a confidante.  

 Depending on the nature of the person, he or she either vents or shares a problem. That is how they are feeling inside, behind the image that they are trying to project to the world.

There is an old saying: Alcohol helps to remove the mask. A drunken man speaks with a sober heart. Under the influence of alcohol, a person’s true feelings emerge. That is because when one is drunk, one tends to lose all inhibitions. For example, you may have a great sense of humor but you may be shy or nervous to be funny in front of people. A few drinks and you lose your inhibitions and then emerges the comedian! There is another saying: Never trust a man who doesn’t drink because he is afraid to show how he really feels.

The best thing to do is to ease your feelings and talk to a friend who may or may not be able to suggest a solution. By simply listening to your problem, he or she will comfort you and provide solace. This cannot happen if one vents.