Is there Individuality in Oneness?  

Every drop of rain is different from the other drop. The individuality of each drop is distinct and yet there is a basic belonging of each to the Universe.

Look at anything—raindrops, people, flowers, animals… No matter what you look at, there is some difference amongst each of the same kind. No matter how miniscule, but there is surely a difference. There are hundreds of billions of snowflakes falling down and to think that each snowflake is different! To be walking in a lawn and to realize that every blade of grass is different! Even though the difference, yet each comes from the same source; all are part of the same being; all are part of the same matrix.

You take two seeds and plant them. You get two plants, but they are different from each other. Even though they have been sown in the same soil, next to each other, are being given the same amount of water and nutrients, yet they are unlike each other. Likewise with two children from the same parents. So different, yet so similar. The individuality, yet the harmony, the belonging, the sameness, the oneness… It is so stunning and fantastic.

If one studies the grains on a piece of wood, one will realize that each line and each grain is so different, and yet it is the same piece of wood. Likewise, we humans are so distinct from each other. At the same time, each of us has the same issues of insecurity, envy, anger, hatred and possessiveness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we turned these emotions into love, compassion, kindness, empathy and oneness for our fellow beings so that we all resonate with the same frequency out of which we are born—the Universe.