How much money is enough money?

The question is not about how much money is enough to survive. Rather, the question is: Who are we? And the answer is that we are an energy force. Whether we vibrate in resonance with the universal frequency or not is up to us.

When we don’t have any ‘wants’ and all that is required for survival is our ‘needs’ to be taken care of, that’s when we vibrate in resonance with the Universe, and that’s when the Universe takes care. Because we live our lives in a way that we do not use our intelligence or degrees for our own benefit. Rather, we use them for the Universe. Instead, if we use the logic of our education and skills to find a good job and secure our future, then so it shall be. But if we say that all the education and degrees don’t matter; we’ll simply work for the Universe and resonate with its frequency, then so it shall be.

Unfortunately, most of us are conditioned in a way that we utilize our talent and resources for our and our family’s betterment, forgetting about everybody else. In our pursuit to earn money, we also end up with a lot of stress. Because once we earn that money, then comes the question of how to safeguard it. Because if we own an old and rusty bicycle, we will leave it outside the gate and go to sleep at night without a care. But if we have a fancy and expensive car, every time there is a sound, we will look outside to check who is touching the car. So the more possessions we have, the more we have to guard them and the more stress and anxiety we create for ourselves.

It is about the kind of life we lead and not about how much money we earn. When we have no possessions that anybody would want, and the one thing we have that others would want but they don’t know it exists is pure, unadulterated happiness. That comes as a result of resonating with the universal frequency and living with the knowing that the Universe will take care.