Do we have the right to make a ‘Change’?

We often say that a certain person is hard-wired in a particular way because of their conditioning, and that has become their nature. So much so that the people around find it offensive. For example, somebody sees everything in a very negative way, their perceptions are always negative. It harms them; it harms the people around them. So one would like them to see things in a positive way. That is changing their nature.

But do we have the right to change anything?

The answer to this is: If we have the ability to change something, it means we have the right to do so. The Universe would not have given us this ability without the right. It is the same as the subject of eating meat. If a tiger has the ability to eat meat and a goat has the ability to eat grass and human beings have the ability to eat both, it is the Universe which has given the right to do so.

One can also look at it from a negative point of view and say that if it is within my ability to hurt you, that means I have the right to hurt you. Here, one has to use one’s discretion.

In the case of the person who is negative by nature, we need to make that person aware that their nature is harming them and others around them. Once they become aware, it is up to them to come to a decision whether they want to change their attitude or not.

So the understanding is that when it is within our capacity to change somebody’s nature, the first responsibility is to make them aware that there is a need for them to change. Should they become aware, the next thing is for them to ask for the change or want the change. Then it is up to us to help them change, with the knowing that the Universe has given us the right to do so.