How do we not harbour Envy?

What really is envy? Envy is when we covet what somebody else has and we don’t. This comes about when we judge ourselves and others, and start comparing. And the more we compare, the more we find ourselves wanting. In the process, even though other people are totally unaware of what they have, we make ourselves aware of what we don’t. This dissatisfaction with our own self grows to such a point that it leads to a tremendous amount of frustration.

The way to combat envy is to understand that nothing really matters! Imagine that a person is dying of thirst in a desert. If somebody were to offer that person a pot of gold coins and a glass of water and ask to choose either, what will that person choose? That person may have gone into the desert seeking a pot of gold in the first place but now that he has come to a point where he is dying of thirst, he will naturally choose a glass of water over the gold.

We spend our whole lives chasing after that pot of gold, dying of thirst on the way, envying everybody who has a pot of gold, and then dying because we don’t opt for that glass of water. We confuse ourselves so much by setting targets for ourselves and creating comparisons with other people. What we don’t realise is that nothing matters in the end.

Take the example of a children’s see-saw. If one child doesn’t go down, the other one can’t go up and vice versa; that is how it works. Similarly, in the balance of nature, one person cannot go up unless the other person doesn’t go down and vice versa.

The best formula to go about life is rather simple. Do a small thing but do it in a way that you put your entire being into it. Even if it is a little carving out of chalk, it is the most beautiful and perfect thing in the world because you have done it to the best of your ability.

Let’s give everything our best effort and have no expectation as to the consequences. The result: no envy!