What is true Education?  

Education should not be about controlling the mind; rather, it should be about teaching the mind to think independently. It should be like placing an arrow in a bow and letting the arrow find its own target. However, in the education system today, we try to control the individual’s thought process by the application of logic. Education as we know it, makes the bow, the arrow, determines the target and the flight path. Share your ideas with your child, but let their thoughts be their own.

Education is not just what we receive in schools, colleges and institutions. Even when we are born, there already is a slight morphing of the brain according to the mother’s state of being, whether it is stress or happiness or something else. When a baby comes out of the mother’s womb and sees life around it, the brain forms particular kinds of patterns—reaction patterns, thought patterns, feeling patterns—because it absorbs everything around it. Until the age of 25, the brain is deeply impacted by the system around it. The establishment and the environment in which a child grows act as education. After this age, when the brain reaches its apex, it forms its own learnings, based on what one has experienced in life.

Like the Montessori system of education, where they let the child grow as the child needs to grow and not as they want it to grow, we should provide for our children a system of life where they learn to go with the flow and not follow a particular goal set for them by others.

A practical way to do this is to ascertain where the child’s interest lies and encourage and support that interest.