What is the Supernatural?  

The supernatural is something that goes beyond the realm of our five senses. Though there are many a phenomenon that are beyond our understanding, that does not make them supernatural or other-worldly. The supernatural is to do with our senses. Anything that causes us to be in awe of, or in fear of, something is the supernatural.

The way to experience the supernatural is through the sixth sense. While the five senses are like a noisy highway, our sixth sense trickles along quietly, and hence we ignore it. If we only derailed from the five senses and got on to the sixth sense, we will experience the supernatural quite effortlessly.

The question that follows is: How do we derail from the five senses?

We have devised many ways such as recitation, chanting, meditations, etc., to get on to the sixth sense. But they have all failed miserably. Because one can’t recite, chant or meditate forever. The minute we step out of them, we are back to the five senses. In fact, almost everything that we do in our daily lives is meant to cater to our five senses—cooking delicious food to please the taste buds; wearing a fragrance to please the sense of smell; using comfortable chairs so that the soft touch of it pleases us; we look at beautiful things to satisfy our eyes; listening to beautiful music for the pleasure of the sense of hearing… How then can we go to our sixth sense?

If we can look without seeing, hear without listening, sniff without smelling, touch without feeling, and swallow without tasting, we will have arrived at our sixth sense.

Our physical eyes ‘look’ at things; to see is to assimilate, digest and then cater to what we have seen. It is the mind that is the receptacle of the five senses. When we ‘look’ at those things and they have no consequence for us, if we hear something and it has no meaning for us, we are actually detaching our mind from itself.

Let’s ‘hear’ things around us, but not ‘listen’ to them. Because the moment we listen to them, we are engaging with them with our mind. Similarly, let’s ‘look’ at things but not ‘see’ them. For if we ‘see’ them, we are engaging with them with our mind. We can look at things but it should not matter whether they are green or blue or purple or white or yellow. That is when we pick up the five senses at will, use them and discard them and travel down the sixth sense.

The day we learn to live in the sixth sense, we will live in the supernatural.