What kind of an attitude should we have towards life?

Attitude is a simple thing to develop. Let us understand it with the following example. I am used to having a lot of sugar in my tea. Then my doctor tells me I have to cut down on my sugar intake because I have developed diabetes. So, I consume two spoons less. At first, the tea doesn’t taste good, but after a while i get used to it and it tastes normal. if by chance i put one extra spoon of sugar in my tea, it tastes too sweet.

All we need to understand is that, since the Universe is an ever-changing flux of energy. This understanding makes us realize that, we need to go with the flow to harmonize with the Universe. The Universe is perfection, the only imperfection lies in our perception.

The biggest blockages and obstacles in our lives come from our own mind and emotions. If we realize this—that we create our own obstacles—then we become more aware. Therefore, our response to any given situation changes; because instead of focusing on the ‘blame game’, regrets and denials, we would focus on finding the solution.   

To ‘go with the flow’ does NOT mean that we should be fatalistic in our approach to life, rather we should give everything our best effort but have no expectations regarding the result.