How do we know what is the ‘right’ choice to make?

Our life is literally riddled with choices. We are constantly weighing the ‘pros and cons’ before we make a decision. Sometimes we consult others and seek advice, on other occasions we act impulsively. The reason for this vacillation and ‘seesawing’, is the conflict between the heart and the mind. The heart is the seat of all emotions, which often cause us to act impulsively without considering the consequences. The mind is concerned with logic and reasoning and constantly planning for contingencies and ‘comebacks’.

The reality is that both the heart and mind have scant knowledge of all the factors influencing the situation. We make ‘calculated and informed’ decisions based on a few facts, assumptions, prejudice and hearsay. When we visit a restuarant we leave the cooking to the chef because he is the expert. Similarly, who is better qualified to run our lives? The Universe or ourselves? The Universe guides us through our spirit, this is often referred to as ‘the sixth sense’, intuition or ESP.

To truly follow the spirit, we must be able to differentiate between the ‘right’ way from the ‘good and kind’ way, often they are not the same. Choosing the kind way is the way of the Universe. To be absolutely certain that your spirit is making the choice and that it is the choice of the Universe, let your choice be: THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER!