What is change in consciousness?

 If the Universe is perfect and everything that will happen……. will happen, then why is there a need to change one’s consciousness?

Consciousness is not about the ‘happenings’ in the Universe. It is about our perception of what is happenning. We view the world from our past experiences, our judgement, our prejudices and our presumed intelligence. Today our consciousness is limited to our mortal body, our emotions and our mind. In short, our SELF!

The greatest obstacle to the expansion of our consciousness is our survival instinct. Death frees our conscious realm beyond the limits of our mortal body to ever expanding infinity. That doesn’t mean we have to wait to die before experiencing a change of consciousness. By freeing our spirit from the shackles of our mortal body can we raise our consciousness. The need for accolades, awards, applause and ‘eternal bliss’, act as powerful motivators. Our reliance on these motivators is directly proportional to our sense of insecurity. We are like circles ,centre nowhere, circumference everywhere (limitations). Whereas, we should be circles centre everywhere, circumference nowhere (limitless).