What is the basis for anger?  

Anger comes from survival instinct; it is a response to fear

Unfortunately, we are always on the back foot where our survival is concerned; therefore, our anger is always in the forefront. We are ready to get angry at the drop of a hat simply because we are always insecure about our survival.

If somebody joins the company we work at, we are scared they might take our position. If we move into a new circle of friends, we are afraid of what they might want from us... We are always on guard, always being careful and cautious and that is why anger comes to us so easily.

How do we tackle this state of always being in the self-defense mode? The ground rule to tackle anger is to make the ego so big that it combats our fear. If we don’t have any fear, then our survival instinct becomes non-existent; thereby, there is no anger.

If someone runs away from a fight, we call them a coward. But if we do the same, we call ourselves non-violent. If someone doesn’t give alms to the poor, we call them miserly. But if we do the same, we are prudent with our money. We have a double standard for everything. Simply because we are always trying to justify things for ourselves. Unfortunately, we are so insecure that we feel the need to prove ourselves to our own selves.

In reality, we should have the attitude that do what you want, say what you want … it doesn’t matter to me! I know who I am, I know what I am. Why should I worry about what others think of me?

It is not about controlling anger; rather, it is about not feeling it in the first place. And the best way to do this is to Just Be!