Are we really evolving?

Human beings originated from the primates species—the monkeys, the apes. While the primates were bent, man eventually stood up. But today, man is again bent in front of the computer. Having gone right back, we seem to have devolved, not evolved.

In his primitive form, there was very little that the cave man needed to survive—no fancy tools and technology were required to lead a wholesome life. Whereas today, the modern man depends on so many things for survival—electricity, water from a tap, cooked food, mobile phones, satellite television, etc.—without which we are almost crippled. This technology, in return, harms the planet earth and causes destruction. So would we say that we are more evolved than the cave man?

Look at the trees. They simply stand there in all kinds of weather, surviving on mere light and ground water. Take any creature on this planet—from the minutest to the largest. None of these species of living beings—except human beings, the ‘evolved’ man—destroy the planet. We are a bunch of destroyers—cutting trees, digging big holes in the ground, polluting the rivers, killing all other life forms—and we call that evolution!

We like to believe that through the use of technology, we are able to gain knowledge which gives us the power to search for a ‘higher purpose’ or bring about a ‘change in consciousness’. But why do we need to search for this purpose, this change of consciousness? Why can we not simply learn from Nature? The trees have a higher consciousness, and they don’t feel the need to talk about it. They maintain their purpose by simply being where they are; they don’t go about destroying the planet.

All we need to do is to ‘Just Be’!