Why does ‘expectation’ cause hurt?

 Expectation is the cause of so much of strife. The people closest to us can hurt us the most, because we have the greatest expectations from them. The best way is to have no expectations, so that there are no disappointments—no disappointment, only happiness!

When we take a pot of water and put it on the stove, what is our expectation? That it will come to a boil. But first we have to light the stove. If we simply put a pot of water on the stove and have an expectation that it will boil, it is not going to happen. We have to do something about it, so we light the stove. Now the next expectation is how long will it take to boil. If we cover the pot, it will boil faster; if we keep it open, it will boil slower. The water begins to boil, but how much boiling is boiling? Is it 10 bubbles or 20? Similarly, is there an answer to how green is green, how blue is blue, how true is true? How futile! The reality is that we spend all our life on figuring out such mundane things. Why can’t we Just Be!

While we are welcome to have different perspectives on various shades of blue, let’s not allow them to disturb us. For when the comparisons start—my car is bigger, your car is smaller; my son is brighter, your son is dimmer—they only show how insecure we are.

To expect to do better than the others is to cause hurt to our own selves. Do we really want to do that? Best is to Just Be!