Which is healthier: Modern Medicine or Energy Healing?

If we go back to the history of medicine, it will take us to old sciences like Ayurveda. The rishis or saints of the old didn’t simply chew on the bark of a tree and say that one was good for cancer and the other for diabetes. Through meditation, these learned people scanned the energy emanating from a certain plant or tree or fruit. That energy established whether that plant or tree bark had a cleansing property or an antiseptic property or an anesthetic property, thus determining the use of various herbs. Since it was difficult to explain the energy phenomenon to ordinary human beings, they simply told them to eat a certain bark, or berry, or fruit…

However, if one lived in a part of the world where one couldn’t get a certain herb or fruit, therein came chemical medicine or allopathy. Instead of the natural product, the chemical in the product was made available through medicine. That is how modern medicine evolved. Today we consume those very chemicals in a processed form which most often do us more harm than good. Because we don’t have the patience to find the fruit or the flower and we certainly don’t have the patience to find the energy.

Therein comes energy healing where we circumvent the fruit, herbs, flowers, tree barks and chemicals, and go back to the purest form of healing: Generating and channeling the universal energy to an ailing person.

 Human beings have always looked for this energy through the ages, which is why we have witch doctors and traditional medicines and forms of treatment from various parts of the world. Many indigenous people go back to traditional forms because even though they are laughed at by practitioners of modern medicine, they have no or little side effects. These traditional methods are pure. Natural methods like energy healing take us back to the very primal cause, which is usually congestion in the solar plexus.

These methods may take longer to bring out the desired results but they are holistic and wholesome in their healing, the reason being that they are more for the cause than for the symptom, which is the opposite of what modern medicine does.