What actually is the Ego?

 The sense of the Self grows and becomes concrete when we live in the physical, emotional and mental selves, because we begin to perceive ourselves as alien from the Universe. The greater the sense of the Self, the more removed we feel from the Universe. And so we develop what is called a fragile ego, because we feel the need to ‘protect’ ourselves.

However, in reality, we are the Universe and our ego constitutes the Universe. So what’s there to protect from? Does the right hand have to protect itself from the left hand? No! The moment we lose our sense of the Self and fuse back into that matrix of Oneness with the Universe, the ego ceases to exist. We don’t need that ego anymore because our ego IS the Universe and that is all there is; there is nothing more. Because when we are one with the Universe, what harm can possibly befall us?

When we don’t have that ego, we can humor everybody. Nobody can take advantage of us because we would have given the advantage even before they can take it. Just like a little child who challenges an adult to a race. The adult will pretend to huff and puff and allow the child to win because the ego is so big that we know we can beat the child anytime. But if somebody our own age challenges us, we will train for weeks together for the race because the ego will feel threatened. But why not huff and puff and allow them, too, to win? Because they can’t win unless we lose. It comes down to the perfection in which the Universe functions. How can they be a winner unless we are not the loser! It is so liberating, and yet we are so afraid to liberate ourselves.

Instead of developing a fragile ego, let us develop an ego that is so big that it encompasses the Universe and all its beings.