What is the role of a healer?

A healer is there merely to deliver the healing energy. Since it is the universal energy and is available to each one of us at all times, it is simply a matter of channeling the energy and guiding it to the right place, be it an ailing person or a difficult situation. At no point should the healer begin to think that it is him or her that is healing. It is the Universe that is healing; the healer is simply a conduit.

The fact that a patient comes to the healer is perfection. The fact that the healer offers the patient healing energy is also perfection. The fact that the energy works to make the patient feel better is perfection. The fact that the energy doesn’t work is also perfection. Everything is perfect the way it is. Therefore, the healer is not the one who is moving or changing things around. The task of the healer is simply to direct the energy which will do its job in a manner which is perfect. Whether the healing energy works or not is best explained in this way.

If I were to give you a gift, either you receive it and use it or you receive it and trash it: the choice is yours. My job was to give you the gift; what you do with it is up to you. Both the situations are perfect. There are two values to every gift. One is in the motive of the giver and the second is in the grace of the receiver. So what is my motive in giving you the gift of the universal healing energy? That I have it and I give it to you. And what is your motive in receiving it? That you wish to be cured or you don’t wish to be cured or you wish to test whether it actually works or not: that is your job, not mine.

Therefore, the healer’s task is simply to deliver the gift of energy. What the patient does with it is the receiver’s job.