How do I deal with other people’s suffering?

If we are passing by some place and we see a child suffering, or a child that is born deformed, we feel sympathy for that child. It also brings out a sense of sadness and sorrow in us. The reason being that we assume the child knows any better. However, in reality, if a child is born deformed, it does not know anything better.

For example, if we were born blind, we couldn’t appreciate a dark shade of red to a deep shade of blue. Because we don’t know any better, if we look at a person with an intellectual disability, we feel sad for them. We take them to a doctor, make them undergo treatment, and bring them to a state of what we call ‘normalcy’. Then the person begins to feel the stress and fears that we feel in our lives and we like to believe that they are cured! In that blissful state of being mentally challenged, that person didn’t have the fears and stress of living life. We pull them out of that state with chemicals and medicines and then they start feeling the stress and anxiety of daily life and we call them normal. What is it really all about?

If a child is mangled or maimed, or has just one arm or leg, it learns to live with that because it doesn’t know any better. That is the order of nature. Why should it be any different? That is perfection in itself. And if the child is brought to us for healing, that is perfection, too. But for us to feel sad and sorry for the child … how does that change the condition of the child? It doesn’t.

Whether we do something about it or not, but to feel sad and walk away with a few tears streaming down our cheeks … that doesn’t help the child at all. On the contrary, it makes us feel depressed and we carry that depression with us wherever we go.

Remember that the Universe works in perfection. In a situation where we see other people ‘suffering’, the best thing to do is to allow the spirit self to act above the physical, emotional and mental selves.