Why should I let my Spiritual Self prevail over the other selves?

Each of us has four aspects to our being: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual self. The first three are merely instruments and, as instruments, they are there to project an image of humanness. This means that as human beings, we feel hurt, we get tired, we experience hunger, we tend to be sleepy … we go through all the things that a human undergoes.

While doing all this, if we allow the spiritual self to stay suppressed, then we shall remain in that humanness. However, once we allow our spiritual self to grow beyond the humanness, we then become like an observer, observing ourselves walk on the planet, perform acts in the usual manner. While doing this, we merely become an instrument. We don’t exist per say in the humanness of it; we simply project or portray that humanness—as a parent, a friend, a teacher, or any other role. But in reality, we are simply observing ourselves perform different acts, guiding ourselves as a spirit from above.

By doing this, we will be in complete harmony with the universal spirit. And to be in complete harmony with that spirit is what ‘just being’ is all about. Today, we are so much in disharmony with the things around us: the weather is too hot, the coffee is not hot enough, the work is too dull … we react to every little thing around us. By doing so, we limit our spiritual self and thereby the physical, mental and emotional selves take over. But if we allow the spirit to reign supreme, we will experience liberation; we will be in complete harmony with the Universe.

We need no relationship to make us feel complete because we ARE the Universe; we are the energy that makes up the matrix of the Universe. The best way to experience this is to look at our physical, mental and emotional selves as strutting along on earth, doing what needs to be done. This, in turn, will lead to our spiritual self observing and guiding our movements.

What a wonderful way to be!