Where am I in the scheme of things in the Universe?

The Universe is an energy force which pervades all and is eternal and infinite. It has no beginning and it has no end. It defies the human brain’s understanding of what it is, which is why scientists have been trying for so many years to define the Universe and its boundaries.

Just as there is no birth and no death—these are merely perceptions—the whole Universe is a flux of ever-changing and moving energy. It simply IS! The universal energy takes the shape of our physical body for a period of time and then dissipates; it then takes the shape of something else and dissipates again; and it keeps on dissipating. It is not the same energy because it does not have an individuality.

If we put a drop of water in the ocean, we can’t take that same drop of water out of it. It has merged with the ocean and is no longer the same. That is exactly how we are in relation to the Universe. When our physical body dissipates through what we refer to as physical death, it goes back into the ocean of the Universe and cannot come out as that very same drop. We can surely take out a drop but it won’t be the same molecules in that drop. But while we are that drop of water, even if we are not the same, we are very much a part of the ocean.

So long as we say that we are a drop of water with our own individuality, and we are separate from the ocean, we live in the physical, mental and emotional body. But when we say that we are a part of the ocean and cannot be separated from it, that is when we live in the spirit.

It is this understanding that is called seeing the perfection of the Universe.