What is the Spirit?

The Spirit is the energy of the Universe, the energy which we are all made up of. There is no individual spirit: we are all a part of the same universal spirit because it is the oneness that connects all of us to each other.

Even though we exist in the same spirit, yet our minds and our bodies tell us a different story—that we exist individually; that we are separate from the Universe. When we use the phrase ‘God made us’, we are presupposing that we are different from the entity which is called God, which is the energy of the Universe. We alienate ourselves by saying so. Whereas in reality, we are all a part of the same spirit, the same Universe.

The day we do not live in the physical, mental and emotional selves, we shall exist in the spirit self. And nothing shall affect the spirit—good weather, bad weather, good health, bad health. The physical, mental and emotional selves are merely like old t-shirts. When they are done with, they have to be discarded. We don’t go on mending old clothes; we throw them away when they have lost their usefulness.

The word ‘soul’ is the same as the spirit. We get confused between the two because we perceive the soul as having an individuality, whereas we assume that the spirit has a larger form as being a part of the Universe. But the reality is that we are a part of the Universe, whether it is our spirit or our soul; it is not separate from any other soul.

The spirit is the matrix. There is no such thing as an individual spirit. And the matrix which joins all of us is our feet. No matter how rich or powerful we may be, we all have our feet on the ground. It is so apt that the soles of our feet are called thus, because it is the soles that really link us with the universal soul or spirit.