How do we define the Universe and its energy?

 The Universe defies definition. We can try and define it in human terms and give it physicality, but the Universe just IS! It simply is an awareness, and that awareness is THE Universe. As for energy, there is always the same amount of energy present, but in different forms. There is a sameness about it, a balance, and yet, at the time, that energy is ever-changing.

If we were to take a torch in the dark and shine that light and then switch it off, the electrical energy in the battery gets converted to light energy and some heat energy. When we switch the light off, where does that light energy go? It simply becomes one with everything! Darkness is not the absence of light; rather, it is simply the total absorption of light.

Similarly, we are like that light. When we are alive, we are burning and when it is time to die, we switch off and merge with everything else around us. We are still energy, but in a form that is not visible. It is a blissful state of existence. The good thing is that we don’t have to wait to die to enjoy being in that state. We can enjoy it even now when we are alive by living in the spirit self instead of living in the mental, physical or emotional selves.

The Universe and the energy in it were neither created nor are they separate from each other. Everything is the Universe. It is just the way it is, and that is beyond our understanding. And beyond the understanding is a knowing.

For example, when we turn on the ignition of a car, the engine sets into motion and the car moves. We don’t have to understand how the engine works to drive the car. There is a knowing: we don’t understand how the engine works but we know that it does work. So it is the knowing and not the understanding that is important. Similarly, it is the knowing—that the Universe IS, and not the understanding of why it is—that is important.

For that, we simply need to go with the flow. Better than to go with the flow is to be the flow. And better than being the flow is to be the source of that flow!