Why am I so concerned about my previous lifetimes?

We have many perceptions about how many lives we may have lived previously and what connections we may have with the people around us in our current lifetime. Does it matter? Does it matter how many lives we have had, and how many more we are yet to live?

Let’s say we have lived previous lives. It’s like you go to one school, and I go to another. Maybe your school was better than mine; yet, we learnt the same things. So what does it matter? The only thing that matters is what we are doing now. We can have all the education; but if we are not using it, then the number of lifetimes is irrelevant. It is only the ‘now’ that matters because the only thing that we really have is this very moment, and all that matters is what we are doing in this very moment.

We don’t have to have lived ten lifetimes to access any knowledge because the brain, which is the source of memory, dies with the physical body and thus obliterates the memory. Because we ARE the Universe, we have access to It’s knowledge and It’s powers, irrespective of the number of lifetimes. The sun was emitting heat several lifetimes ago; it is emitting heat in this lifetime, and will continue to be so…. Nothing changes.

We like to believe that we need to understand the secrets of the Universe. But what can we truly understand with our limited intellect? Our attempt to understand the workings of the Universe is akin to that of a child trying to understand how those little people got into the “box” in his living room which is called a TV. The only thing that we really know, is that we came into this world and that we will one day leave this world. And the only thing that we are capable of understanding is that we do NOT understand anything. The only thing that matters is NOW!