How do we not ‘Hurt’?

It is logical to ask: How can we not feel bad when people hurt us. Well, we can’t get hurt unless we have expectations. So the answer is to not have any expectations in the first place.

When we do something for somebody, we want them to acknowledge it, we want them to be grateful to us, and we want them to reciprocate. When they don’t do that, we feel hurt. Isn’t it better to have no expectations and to not get hurt? The same goes for insults. If somebody insults us, we feel bad. But if we simply don’t take the insult, we won’t get hurt.

On the other hand, when we hurt somebody, the act is done, the person is hurt, and it’s over. Let us stop feeling guilty, let us stop feeling bad, and let us stop feeling regret; all these are negative emotions. Instead, let us make amends.

The first thing to do is to acknowledge that we have hurt someone. Instead of pushing it into the background of our subconscious and conveniently forgetting about our actions, we ought to sit down and do a self-examination. The next step is to make amends: by giving those whom we have hurt, the gifts of love and affection.

The most lovely gifts that we can give to others come to us for free: love, happiness, peace, and kindness are unlimited. When we give these to others, we lose nothing. So why should we have an expectation to get something in return when we give out these very things that cost us nothing? The answer is that we are conditioned that if we give, we should also receive.

We should have the following attitude: that we will give love and kindness because we have unlimited amounts of them. It is up to the others to take it or leave it; we lose nothing. We have an abundance of love, and we will simply keep giving from that abundance. The Source will never get depleted because it is there forever.