How should we react to Anger?


If somebody directs their anger towards us, how should we react to it? The answer is why should we assume responsibility for someone else’s anger. If they are feeling angry, let them deal with it. Why do we have to react to that situation?

If we feel anger and express it, it creates disharmony. But if we react to somebody else’s anger, it creates even more disharmony. If we are walking on the street and there is a foul smell, don’t we simply put our kerchief to our nose and carry on? We don’t stop breathing, right? Similarly, let’s not react to somebody else’s anger; let’s simply carry on. Just like we use an umbrella to keep ourselves dry in the rain instead of getting wet while walking, similarly, let us simply avoid other people’s anger.

At times, when we get angry, we realize that we shouldn’t have gotten angry.  We judge ourselves and then get angry at own selves for getting angry in the first place. Let us learn from it. We will do it once, we will do it twice, but the third time let us not get angry because we ought to have come to the realization that we are hurting ourselves even more.

The best antidote to anger is humor. When somebody calls us a fool or calls us stupid, let us smile and say they don’t know that we are also imbeciles; they are only just calling us stupid! That is the way to look at anger and to (re)act to it. Because actually, in the final equation, nothing matters! We are all here play-acting. We pretend to be serious, big, responsible adults. In reality, there is a child inside us waiting to jump out at every little twist and turn and embarrass us. Thus, we put a lid on that child.

Let’s not do that anymore. Let’s be joyous, like children, and keep anger and reacting to anger at bay. Let’s Just Be!