How is Reality different from Illusion?

What is reality and what is illusion? If a woman applies a cherry-red lipstick, it doesn’t make people believe that the colour of her lips is red. It is quite obvious that the woman has applied colour to her lips. What the woman would like to believe—that she has red lips—is actually an illusion. Similarly, we live our entire lives based on fallacy, and like to believe that it is real. We create illusions around us and begin to believe that those illusions are for real.

Today, most of us live our lives in circles, with center nowhere and circumference everywhere. This way, we limit ourselves. We believe that we can only walk so far; that we can only do so much; anything further than this will mean pushing our limits… Instead, we should live our lives in circles that have centers everywhere and circumference nowhere. In other words, we should be unlimited. When love is unlimited, kindness is unlimited, and happiness is unlimited, then why do we feel limited?

The way to being limitless or unlimited is to Just Be! Not just in situations where everything is going well, and according to plan. The trick is to maintain that constant even when things are not okay, and when the Universe has a different set of plans for us. This attitude comes from a simple fact that there is no such thing as a problem. The way we buy toys for a child according to its age, and structured to match the child’s intelligence level, similarly, the Universe will only give us a situation that we are capable of managing. So if everything is within our capacity, it is not a problem. If there is no problem, then there is no need for a solution.

And if that is the reality, then why live our lives in an illusion!