Why do we live our lives on the energy of fear?  

Human beings live by fear. As a habit, we feel the need to constantly worry about something. If everything is going well, we fear it is too good to last. As a result, we seek support from sciences like astrology to determine whether our lives will go on smoothly or not. And we begin to believe in theories like karma, paradise, heaven and hell.

Astrology is a science in itself; however, it doesn’t affect our lives directly. It is the study of the configuration of various planets and stars. In accordance with the time that each individual is born, these configurations tell us what we should do and what we shouldn’t. In reality, it doesn’t work; it doesn’t mean anything. But if we are so caught up with astrology and what it says about what is going to happen in our lives, we will most likely make it happen because of our belief in it. Astrology, numerology, vaastu, feng shui … all these sciences exist, but our own faith is the most powerful.

Let us look at the theories of karma, paradise, heaven and hell. Don’t we believe that God is merciful and forgiving? If that is the case, then where is the question of payback? Or of karma and punishment? Where is the question of hell, and coming back in another lifetime in a lower life form? Because, there is no lower life form.

These theories originated from the fear of death. People sought solace and advice from their religious leaders and asked them what happens after death. Since nobody has returned after dying, they really have no answers. So the theories of karma, paradise, heaven and hell became convenient explanations. The religious leaders said: be good now so that you get a reward later.

This points to the true nature of human beings. We are not good if there is no reward or fear. We behave well because we are scared. Like we are afraid of the police, or the government, similarly we are afraid of God watching us and our karma catching up with us.

If we ‘just be’, there is nothing to be afraid of, whether it is karma, paradise, heaven or hell.