How do we ‘Just Be’?

To ‘just be’ is to be absolutely aware. So much so that when we are in that state of awareness, we can even count the number of raindrops falling!

We might ask: How can we count raindrops? The answer is that when we are absolutely aware, the sound of each raindrop is distinct from the other. The problem, however, is that we use our ‘logic’ and say: How is it possible to distinguish one raindrop from another, or one blade of grass from another? Our ‘logical thinking’ prevents us from ‘just being’. WE are the rain; WE are the grass. We simply need to cast aside our ‘intelligence’ and resonate with the universal frequency.

If we try to find logic and reasoning, we will simply go around in circles, because the wisdom of the Universe does not fit into logic and reasoning. The capacity of our brain is limited. And by placing all our faith in the brain, we limit our ability to experience absolute awareness.

To ‘just be’ is to know that whatever happens is perfect, because the Universe works in perfection. There is no way that things will not go our way, because every way is our way and our way is every way. To ‘just be’ is to be like a leaf in the breeze. Where the breeze blows, there shall we go. If the breeze changes direction and pushes us elsewhere, that is fine, too, because there is nowhere to go. Paths and directions are just presupposing that we are far away from wherever we are meant to be. We are not; we are there ... we are already there. And that awareness is to ‘just be’. 

This awareness has no reason; it cannot be understood. So let us not try to analyze it and make theories because it fits into nothing. It is neither good nor bad; there is no gain or loss; there is also no end result. It simply is!