The reality behind the legend

There was a saint called Saint Augustine. Before he became a saint, he was a brilliant mathematician and scientist. Therefore, he believed much in logic. He constantly analyzed one of the concepts of Christianity: that of the Holy Trinity i.e. three entities in one Godhead, namely the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He kept pondering over how these three together could be called one God.

One day, he was pacing up and down the beach trying to work out the technical and scientific possibility of the Holy Trinity. Just then, he saw a child running with water in his palms, and putting it into a hole in the beach. The child continued doing this several times. After observing him for a while, Saint Augustine stopped the child and asked him what he was doing. The child said: ‘I am trying to put the ocean into this hole.’ ‘That is ridiculous!’ replied the saint. The child turned around and said to him: ‘Just as ridiculous as your attempt at trying to understand how three entities can fit into one God.’

That was the turning point in Saint Augustine’s life. He realized that simply because there are things that are beyond the realm of his understanding does not mean they don’t exist.

Let us look at another saint’s life: Valentino. We do not understand the spirit behind celebrating Saint Valentine’s day. Saint Valentino recognized love as a state of being, and, he was, therefore, affectionate towards everybody, so much so that he was declared a saint. Christianity decided to celebrate the day he was made a saint as a day of love. The idea behind this day was to spend time with people who do not get a chance to experience love—for example, orphans and people living in old-age homes. The day was marked to spread love and share it not just with family, friends and loved ones, but with the ones who don’t receive love. Sadly, today, we have made it into a festival about giving each other red roses and hearts.

Learning from these two legends, let us not try to fit the world into our box. Rather, let us move beyond the box with the absolute faith that the Universe is all-knowing and all-encompassing!