Do we understand Friendship?

Friendship is a misunderstood term. To say ‘I have a lot of Facebook friends’ … does it mean anything? Can we really term Facebook contacts—whose true identities we do not know—as friends? Who, then, are our real friends? And what is friendship?

Friends are those who are always there, whether or not one speaks to them or meets them often. If we lose somebody’s friendship because we weren’t in contact with them, then they were never a friend. If a person is our friend, we are communicating with them all the time. When we are in trouble, a friend will know without our telling them, and will offer their support. We’ve all experienced this: sometimes, when we are thinking of somebody, that very same person calls us up. That’s because our spirit is linked with theirs, therefore distance and time don’t matter. We don’t have to wait for friends to be physically present to talk to them. We never miss them because our energies are interlinked to theirs completely; our spirits are intertwined. There is also no sense of competition and rivalry in friendship.

Friendship is not something that is transient and in the passing; it is there forever. It does not need to be maintained because it is linked with the spirit. True friendship is in the matrix; it is in the meeting of spirits, far beyond looks, likes and dislikes, judgements, opinions…


The greatest friendship can be found in ants. If we put out a few grains of sugar on the floor, the ants will sense it from wherever they are and transmit the message to every other ant in the area. Human beings, however, behave differently. They will take whatever they find and hold on to it for themselves. Whereas ants will transmit the message that there is food: it is not for me, it is not for you; rather, it is for us.

That brings us to the question: how many friends can we have? How many friends do we have? If we meet people through the spirit, then we have met everyone, and everyone is truly our friend. What come in between, however, are the mental, physical and emotional selves. They dictate who can and cannot be our friend. The day we can comprehend and implement that the spirits of all of us are interconnected, and therefore we are actually friends in the true sense of the word with everybody, we will be in complete harmony with the Universe.