Why do we experience ‘Jealousy’?

Jealousy is a very strong emotion that plagues us all; nobody can claim to be free from it. It is linked with our possessiveness, which is linked to our identity, and that, in turn, is linked to our sense of insecurity. All of us are insecure by nature. To keep our identity intact (and to not be alone), we build connections and develop relationships. Our parents, our family, our friends, where we come from … all this goes on to create our identity, leading us to become very possessive of them. And why do we need to keep our identity? Simply because we are insecure!

If somebody damages the sense of ownership or possessiveness we feel for our family and friends, or tries to penetrate that concept, it puts our defense mechanism into action. We are even possessive of our own concept of ourselves—our self-esteem, our own idea of our little ego, our good name, our time … everything. And if this is infringed upon, we get protective about it. Insecurity raises its head, leading us to get stressed.

Basically, we become possessive of our identity because we are so insecure, which steers us towards experiencing jealousy. If we are totally relaxed and secure, we don’t need an identity. And if we have no sense of identity, then we will be completely open. We will know and understand that we have the whole Universe at our disposal. Then we will cease to become insecure, and therefore will not experience jealousy.