What is 'Baggage'?

What we call our experience, knowledge, and wisdom is nothing but our baggage. We start ‘labeling’ people, which is nothing but negativity. We start judging people, which is nothing but prejudice. We first form our opinions and then meet people with a big smile on our face. We have our own dos and don’ts, likes and dislikes, and that is what is our baggage.

Take, for example, a simple situation: our perception of taxi drivers. We all believe that when we are new to a city, taxi drivers will know it and will want to charge us a hefty amount of money for a ride. So, the moment we go to engage a taxi, we are already on our guard. We haggle about the fare. Similarly, we approach every situation in life with such baggage; so much so that we start being a by-product of it.

Let’s start looking at every situation minus our baggage. We will begin to realize that eventually, nothing is a big deal. Getting rid of baggage does not require a big effort. Whenever we face a situation, let’s be aware of all the baggage we are carrying regarding the situation or a particular person. Let’s drop it, and allow the first words to leave our mouth. We will find that those words will be minus any prejudice and negativity, and that will make a great difference. Let’s start small, but let’s surely do it. We will be surprised at the effects!