How will I be 'complete’?

To be complete is to resonate with the Universal Frequency in the absolute. To be complete means nothing can be taken away from us and nothing can be added to us because we are whole. To be complete means our physical, mental and emotional bodies exist merely as instruments and it is the spirit self that reigns supreme.

Being spiritual means knowing that we ARE. Spirituality is the understanding that we cannot understand. The day we are able to understand that we cannot understand is the day we will have obtained spirituality, and will be complete.

Take the moment of laughter, for example. When we are laughing, we do not experience any stress or fear. But the moment the laughter stops, everything comes back. So it is in that moment of laughter that we are complete. But we cast aside that feeling of being complete because it is time to feel the stress and anxiety with questions like how can I live without my best friend? Or why do I not have a life companion?

When we use the word ‘companionship’, what are we actually saying? That we are incomplete, which is why we need a partner. Once we have a partner, we again feel incomplete till the day we get married. And once that is done, we are made to feel incomplete till we have children. Then the children grow up and make us feel even more incomplete. We are always feeling incomplete.

It is best to Just Be, and to know that we are complete. Once we are complete, the only emotions we experience are those of love and kindness because those are a part of the Universal Frequency. To be complete means to just be that – complete, like a sphere which has no beginning and knows no end.