Will my lack of education prevent me from being successful?

Comparing your academic achievements with others and the fear of losing your job to those more educated than you is a common cause of stress. 

Your job may be your comfort zone based on what you feel you are capable of. Fear of changing this mindset may be limiting your true potential. Losing your job because of your lack of education may not be as disastrous as you think or are made to believe. Maybe it's the Universe's way of telling you that there are other avenues to be explored.  

Here's a true story: Peter (name changed) worked all his life as an assistant in a garment store. When the owner died and his son took over, he fired Peter from his job because he was not educated and didn't know how to operate computers. Peter was desolate. He wandered from store to store looking for a job but no one would hire him because he was not educated. After a fruitless day of searching for jobs and feeling very thirsty, he went in search of a cool drink. To his surprise, he could not find any store selling them. So the following day, he hired a stand in the area and began to sell them himself. A year later, Peter received a call from his bank manager. The manager asked him if he wanted the bank to invest his money for him as he had accumulated half a million dollars. Peter told the bank manager that he knew nothing about investing because he was not educated. Shocked, the bank manager replied, 'If you could make half a million dollars being uneducated, can you imagine how much you would have made if you were educated?' After a long pause, Peter said: 'If I were educated, I would still be an assistant in a store.' 

So, losing one's job may be a wake-up call that there are other options in life. Maybe it is time to get out of the rut. Take heart from Peter's story and become innovative, not frustrated.