Why do I find it impossible to keep a New Year’s resolution?

Making resolutions for the New Year is a ‘done’ thing.

It proves to ourselves that we do have hope, despite our perennial failure. The first resolution we make (sub- conscious though it be) is, “This New Year I am going to keep my resolution”, yet it is the first one that we break.
Spurred on by hearing about the resolutions of others, we often set the ‘bar too high‘. We overestimate our resolve and our will power. To garner a quote from the Bible, “The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”.
(Matthew ch. 26-41 ) This quote characterizes us typically. We are full of good intentions, but actually fulfilling them, is yet another story. We have become lighthearted and almost cavalier about our constant failure. We have stopped taking ourselves seriously .

In reality, the ‘New Year’ lasts only for a day, on January 2nd it’s already over. The question then to be asked is,
‘Why do we have to wait for January 1st to make a fresh start?” This repetitive scenario of good intentions, resolutions and their subsequent failure makes us jaded and immune to feeling any form of disappointment.
There is no point being ambitious and “biting off more than we can chew”. Instead of a year, let us take one day at a time. Make each days’ success or failure be limited to that day alone. This leaves you with no past ‘laurels to rest on’, or failures to weigh you down. Let each day be a fresh page in the story of your life, where you are the author of that story and your ‘resolutions‘ are for that day alone. This leaves the day’s successes or failures to be of almost no consequence.

Resolve to be kind, it is easy to be kind. For example, should you wrong someone, would you not like to be forgiven? Then should someone wrong you, be forgiving. This is kindness!
Let your life unfold one day at a time, let every act during the day be flavored with the essence of kindness.
Before you know it, a year would have passed and you would have spent a year dispensing kindness.
Don’t wait till January 1st, START TODAY!!