Why do we give importance to those who have more, rather than those who give more?

A fruit tree is valued by how much fruit it gives, a mine is valued by how much ore it gives.

This yardstick is taken even further, for example, a fruit tree that requires no irrigation or care and yet produces a large amount of of fruit, has an even greater value.
This concept of ‘giving more and taking less’ as a basis for placing value is applied universally, except for humans. A human is valued, more for what He has taken rather than what He has given.  
The more a human possesses, the greater their stature or value.
From birth a child is taught ownership. The right to possess and protect one’s possessions is ingrained into the psyche. A simple example of how we are conditioned to possess, is demonstrated in the following example . A child gives his toy away to another child. The parents berate the child for giving the toy away. The child thus learns that giving is not something that is good.

Besides our constant conditioning, another factor that creates the need to accumulate rather than to give away is our insecurity about the future. We quote and apply the convenient adage ‘save for a rainy day ‘.
This need to keep accumulating is recognized by society as being prudent and deemed a virtue.
The need to compete against others and come out ‘best’, where ‘best’ is defined as the one who has the most, is yet another cog in the wheel of accumulation. Greed, pure and simple is the biggest culprit fueling this insatiable desire to take more and more.

We live on the constant treadmill of our hunger for more, enduring great stress in the hope of gratification. Slaves to our ambitions, we are blind to the reality of the difference between our NEEDS and our WANTS.
Never does it cross our minds to calculate how many people have been overworked,  underpaid, trodden on and exploited, to make one person ‘rich ‘.
We, society are ultimately responsible for this ironic outcome. We are victims of our own devices.
We have given power and importance to those who accumulate and do not give, we have reversed the yardstick by which we humans are valued.