What really is Healing? Can we learn it or is it a gift?

Healing energy is flowing through the body all the time. We only remember the times when we have succumbed to illness. We are unaware of the numerous times our body has healed itself. When we fall ill, it is not because the healing energy has failed, but because our bodies have not been capable of supporting the healing. This is probably due to deficiencies, lifestyle or age.

Often, we are healing ourselves unconsciously. For example, when a part of our body is hurting, we clutch or rub the injured part. We find that this gives a degree of relief. In actual fact, we are transferring healing energy from our hand to the injured area.

Another common example of self-healing is when we cut our hand, we automatically suck on it. It is almost reflexive action. Nobody has taught us that the saliva contains antiseptics and analgesics. Yet we use it instinctively to mend the cut.

There are many healing disciplines and techniques being taught and marketed these days. Some are effective and some are not. The term ‘healer’ has been usurped by some, and the ‘pack animals‘ that we humans are, we blindly bow in deference to them. The reality is that it is the energy that heals; the ‘healer’ is merely a conduit for the healing energy. The power of healing energy is available equally to all. It is not a gift bequeathed to a select few.

I have made it my mission to teach as many people as possible my healing ‘technique‘ (if you want to call it that). Neither should an individual be deprived of healing, nor should any healer deprive a patient access to healing energy.

One can learn to channel healing energy through the many disciplines available. For this, no special qualifications are required except the intention to heal.

In the final equation, we are all healers whether we know it or not!