Flexibility vs. Rigidity

When people consume drugs and are addicted to them, we call them ‘junkies’. What we don’t realize is that we are all addicted to something or the other. Some of us are junkies to our jobs, some to our money, some to the people we love, some to our families . . . we are all addicts. What’s more, we are even addicted to our so-called good habits! In the pursuit of happiness, and for the peace of our mind, we meditate six times a day! Can we not just be?

Whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, a habit is nothing but an addiction. And by being addicted, we become slaves to our habits. For example, if we don’t wake up at a particular time or don’t have coffee in a particular mug sitting in a particular chair, our entire day is spoiled! Why do we become puppets to our habits?

We like to believe that our habits are like responses to certain environments. But the environment is constantly changing and it is these very habits that make us resist the change. The thing to do is to realize that the world is changing all the time, and to change with it. Instead of being rigid, let’s be flexible.

Take the example of a tree branch in a storm; it will break with the strong winds because it is rigid. But the grass, by being flexible, will survive it because it will simply keep swaying in the direction of the winds and come back to its original form again and again. Like grass, let us move with the change; let us be flexible and have no habits.

By saying that it is not easy to do so, we make it difficult anyway. It is a human concept that nothing nice could be easy; that it has got to be complicated and hard to achieve. Life will only be as complicated as we make it to be. The answer to everything lies in simplicity. If the wind blows, sway with it; if the water flows, flow with it. Just Be!