Do aliens exist?

Aliens are nothing but life forms that we are unfamiliar with. We view everything in the limited capacity of the human beings that we are. It shows how narrow-minded we can be.

Scientists tell us there can’t be life on the planet Pluto because there is no water and no oxygen there. Perhaps there are life forms that do not need water or oxygen to exist! We, as humans, think life to be as limited as we are. But there may be so much more to life and existence that we do not know about.

Let us take the example of a rock. According to us, a rock has no life. Maybe the rock eats only once every 20 million years and moves only once every 40 million years. Since we don’t see it happening in our lifetime, we assume it to be without life; we say it is dead and inanimate. The rocks were there before us. We human beings came later, and as bacteria and viruses we crawled all over earth and started destroying it bit by bit. It is quite possible that rocks might be looking at us humans as aliens invading their planet!  

What’s more, we then go further and consume what are called psychotropic drugs, the excuse being our search for nirvana. By the intake of the drugs, we go into what we like to call a ‘trip’. Unfortunately, when we do that, we are at that time not qualified to comprehend what we experience in that so-called trip. It is something like taking a five-year-old child for a highly complex drama. The child will probably look at the lights and say how bright they are but will not understand what happens in the drama. So when we are under the influence of drugs, we perhaps see things that are not visible to us otherwise. And we call these ‘aliens’.

We have not even explored our own planet completely; we do not yet know every leaf in the garden of the Universe. Yet we want to go to the moon and talk about planets beyond. Let us first settle our own home instead of worrying about whether there are aliens or not.