Why is ‘suicide’ such a misunderstood word?

In simple words, suicide is taking one’s own life. We normally look at suicide as somebody putting a gun to their head, or hanging themselves, or taking an overdose of something. However, in reality, most of us commit suicide with the way we live our lives.

Even though we know cigarettes cause lung cancer, we keep on smoking. We know that overwork may cause a strain on the heart and we could die as a result, yet we continue doing it. We are aware that driving fast is dangerous; we still do it at the risk of meeting with an accident and losing our lives. We are constantly committing suicide. Even though it doesn't matter in the end because we are all going to die, yet we point out and say that man hung himself. We like to sit in judgement on people who take their lives. In reality, we all do it to ourselves through our lifestyle and by eating all the wrong foods.

Some people want to commit suicide as it seems the easy way out when they feel they cannot take it anymore. They may not reveal what the problem is. They may look at us and say life is wonderful and then shut the door and start crying behind it.

Reversing the process for them is up to us. It is a matter of showing them their inner strength and supporting them till they can find that inner strength within themselves. We need to boost the person’s ego, increase their survival instinct, show them that they are worth something, develop their self-respect and self-dignity again, and help them get back their self-confidence and self-worth until they come out of it.

There are people who wake up in the morning, drink orange juice, eat food that they call healthy, jog around the block every morning, and then get knocked down by a bus. Sure, they died healthy! At the end of the day, it depends on us. The bottom line is that don’t go overboard with anything.

The key is to be moderate. There are so many tempting things on this planet. Let us smoke a cigarette if we enjoy it, but let us not be a slave to it. Enjoy a drink every now and then, but don’t get dependent on it.

Just Be!