Are cell phones really the miracle gadget that they were thought to be?

Just as plastics were hailed as the miracle material of the mid-last century and then found to be the  'curse' of the century, today billions are being spent to get rid of plastics and a movement back towards biodegradable organic substances. 

At the turn of the century, cell phones were hailed as the miracle gadget. The whole world is now available to one at the touch of a button, but the frightening fact is that man is primarily a social animal. Cell phones are making man into a virtual being. There is already a significant breakdown in social communication and interaction. Social skills are on the decline and the reliance on micro chips and search engines has deflected from use of brain power through knowledge. Search engines have become the new Bible of the century. Man has become a helpless addict to his phone and is almost dysfunctional without it.

This new virtual lifestyle also creates an emotional drought which is ultimately affecting relationships and basic humane responses. For example, the expression of love is rapidly being reduced to texting heart emojis instead of looking into another's eyes and speaking of love face-to-face. People are now cultivating virtual friends and that's exactly what they are: virtual, not real. To evaluate your status by the number of 'friends' you have on social media and bask in your virtual popularity is more of an illusion instead of a reality and creates an inflated sense of self esteem, or the contrary.

There will come a day when cell phones will be officially recognized as a pestilence and billions will be spent to rid us of this mental and social crutch.