Can a disease be healed where medical science states that there is no permanent cure?

Doctors treat, the Divine heals. Take the case of two patients visiting the same doctor with the same ailment and being prescribed the same medicines. One gets cured and one does not. This aberration makes a joke of the word 'science'. There is no guarantee offered by modern medicine, merely a prescribed treatment and a possibility of cure. Yet, this unsure and indecisive practice is referred to as a science. 

In energy healing, the healer is merely a conduit of Divine energy and Divine energy knows no limitations. Medical science is fraught with trial and error, side effects, and commercialism. This cocktail of vested interests and limited knowledge creates a very shaky foundation for the edifice called "modern medicine". The human body was created by the Divine, and so was disease. Thus, both are within the control of the Divine and hence curable through Divine energy.