How can I gain clarity about what I must do in life?

Emotions cloud one's vision and thus create an opacity. To understand one's purpose in life is the simplest of tasks. To fulfill that purpose is the most difficult. What use is it knowing one's purpose when once known, every excuse is given and sought to avoid fulfillment of that purpose.

The ultimate purpose in life is fulfilled when one dies. Death is inevitable, yet we are constantly trying to stave it off. But whilst awaiting the inevitable, there is a bigger purpose to be fulfilled and that is: DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE AND DO IT NOW. One does not need clarity of thought to see what needs to be done in their immediate vicinity. When a child is hungry, the parent does not seek clarity on what needs to be done.

This applies to one's daily life. See the opportunities all around you and ACT. Don't spend too much time weighing the pros and cons. Opportunities present themselves to you because they are FOR you! Don't second guess yourself or allow your emotions to have precedence over what you should or shouldn't do in life.