Why do I get angry?

Before we question why we get angry or why people or situations make us angry, we should ask ourselves, 'Why do we lack peace?'

In today's world, to be peaceable in certain situations when anger is supposed to be the expected response is considered to be a weakness. To show any vulnerability is considered to be a weakness. When, in actuality, the capacity to expose one's vulnerability denotes innate strength and completeness. 

The stronger person is usually the first to admit to their fault and apologize. When one is angry, one cannot be happy. Anger is like a fire that requires fuel. The fuel that is burned for anger is happiness. Anger is a luxury that one cannot afford! Even when one is feeling peaceable in a given situation, often well meaning friends or relatives will goad one to respond with 'righteous' anger. To respond to provocation with anger is to have conceded that the provocateur has won. The stronger person is slow to anger and quick to forgive.

To maintain one's peace in an angry world is like being an oasis in a desert. True power is having strength and yet not having to use it.